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Air conditioning systems have become a necessity in our modern society. If you’ve ever experienced the heat during a Colorado summer, then you know how much of a difference A/C installation makes. Not only does it keep you cool while you’re at home, but also, through advancements in A/C efficiency, you can save money on your electric bill. But what if you don’t want to spend the extra cash?

What if you need some help getting started? Well, Quality Home HVAC has got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about installing an air conditioning system.

AC Installation Service

Air Conditioner Basics

Air conditioning systems are pretty complex, but understanding the basics can help you understand why they work. They’re basically just machines that force refrigerants to absorb heat energy and turn it into gases.

This happens because the refrigerant changes the phase from a liquid to a gas, and as it does so, it absorbs heat energy. When the refrigerant turns into a gas, it releases the absorbed heat energy, which is what keeps you comfortable inside.

Our A/C Installation Services

The best way to avoid being hot, sticky, or sweating is to keep your home comfortable. If you are having trouble keeping your house cool, it might be worth calling Quality Home HVAC for a/c installation or repairs. Our technicians are trained to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently. We know how important comfort is to our customers, and we work daily to ensure your home stays cool. Call us at 303-910-2291 today!

An air conditioner breaks down over time due to wear and tear. If not maintained adequately, it could cause serious damage to your home. Over time, the motor may burn out and need replacing. Your unit may leak causing mold and mildew problems. You may notice strange noises coming from your unit. All these symptoms indicate that your air conditioner needs replacement. Contact Quality Home HVAC for any A/C replacement you need! Call us at 303-910-2291; we’re happy to help!

Air conditioning systems are extremely useful for keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. However, they require regular maintenance to ensure their efficiency and longevity. Here are some tips for maintaining your AC system properly. If you need A/C maintenance, please don’t hesitate to call Quality Home HVAC at 303-910-2291.
1. Check the filter regularly
2. Clean the coils
3. Change the filters
4. Check the thermostat settings
5. Check the ductwork
6. Keep the vents clear
7. Maintain the fan blades

Window A/C Units

A typical window AC unit costs between $300-$600. You may find these prices cheaper if you buy them at a local hardware store instead of online.

When purchasing a window AC unit, make sure that it is properly installed. A professional HVAC technician at Quality Home HVAC will make sure that the unit is level and that the condenser coils are facing south. Also, we’ll check and make sure that the unit is correctly placed in relation to the windows.

To keep your window AC unit running efficiently, clean the filter regularly. Clean filters remove dirt and debris that could clog the unit.

If you decide to purchase a window AC unit, look for warranties. Warranties ensure that the manufacturer will repair or replace parts that break down.

Wall Mounted A/C Units

Wall mounted air conditioners are similar to window mounted units, except instead of using windows, they use holes drilled into the wall. Wall mounted units are much more efficient than window mounted units, and can save you a lot of money on electricity bills. You can find wall mounted units anywhere, and they are often cheaper than window mounted units. Wall mounted units are great for people who don’t mind drilling holes into their walls. If you need professional help with your wall mounted A/C Unit please call Quality Home HVAC at 303-910-2291.

5 Benefits of A/C Installation

A/C units use electricity to cool air inside your home. When they work properly, they save money on your electric bill. If you have an older system, chances are it doesn’t run efficiently. Contact our expert HVAC technicians for the best A/C installation services in Denver, CO.

When you choose Quality Home HVAC’s A/C installation service, you’re not just saving money but also helping improve the air quality in your home. An A/C unit removes moisture from the air, making it easier for allergens and pollutants to escape. In addition, it helps keep mold spores away from your home.

In Colorado, we experience HOT summer months, and A/C installation could help lower your utility bills. That’s because an A/C unit uses less power than traditional heating systems.

An A/C unit makes your home look newer and increases its value. A/C installation means you’ll get top dollar for your house when you sell it.

A/C installation can make your home feel more relaxed and fresher. Your family will enjoy spending time indoors without sweating or feeling uncomfortable.

Factors That Determine A/C Installation Costs

The amount you pay for a/c installation varies based on many different factors. Here are some of the most important ones:

You want to ensure that the A/C system you have installed has enough capacity to meet your needs. If you plan to use it often, you might want to consider adding another unit.

Your location affects how much energy costs. For example, it could be cheaper to buy electricity in Texas than in Colorado.

Do you prefer traditional or modern designs? Some A/C systems are designed to blend into your décor, while others are more noticeable.

How efficient is your current A/C system? A high-efficiency rating indicates that less power is used to cool your house. This can save money over time.

Most Manufacturers offer warranties that cover parts and labor. Look for an A/C unit that covers both.

Residential and Commercial AC Replacement in Lakewood, CO

AC is an important feature of your home or business property, keeping those inside comfortable throughout the year. If your system is no longer delivering the comfort you are looking for, it is time to call your local AC repair company. Quality Home HVAC provides commercial and residential AC replacement in Lakewood, CO, that offers precision control over your environment while promoting energy efficiency. We will help you with choosing the right system that caters to your needs, specializing in high-quality AC installation services that you can count on.

How You Benefit from Residential or Commercial AC Maintenance

If you are looking for commercial or residential AC maintenance in Lakewood, CO, you can count on the team at Quality Home HVAC. Maintenance is crucial in ensuring that your system is always ready to perform, and can prevent the need for costly air conditioner repair in the figure. We assist with cleaning your system, tuning up the components and replacing worn parts when required, so that you can enjoy many more years of comfort. To find out more about the services we offer, or to schedule your appointment, call our team today at (303) 910-2291.