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When you are a homeowner or a property manager, you are responsible for the proper function of household appliances. This includes the satisfactory operation of the air conditioner within your home. Air conditioning provides many different benefits for us. From regulating our temperature to delivering clean air for us to breathe, air conditioners play a vital role in our day-to-day life.  

Such a vital piece of our existence demands our attention. Your future self deserves the benefits of preventative air conditioner maintenance. In this article, we will discuss why preventative air conditioner maintenance is so crucial to the well-being of your household and when to call HVAC professionals for air conditioner maintenance. Colorado readers have the added benefit of us taking a look at how the climate in Denver, Colorado, affects your air conditioner maintenance. We also have a spotlight on one of Denver, Colorado’s HVAC professionals at Quality Home HVAC.! Let us get to it.  

Table of Contents: 

  1. Why Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance is Important
  2. When to Call the Professionals for Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance 
  3. How the Colorado Climate Affects Your Air Conditioner 
  4. Professional Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance in Denver, CO

Why Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance is Important 

Your house is one of the most meaningful purchases you will ever make. Annual, preventative air conditioner maintenance keeps your home comfortable while enhancing your indoor air quality. Regular air conditioner repairs are necessary for the air conditioning system to perform correctly. Preventive maintenance extends the life of your air conditioner. It lowers energy consumption while adjusting air conditioners and reducing the pollutants in conditioned spaces. Preventive air conditioner maintenance schedules keep your air conditioner operating throughout the hot seasons. 

Lower Energy Costs

Preventative air conditioner maintenance allows professional HVAC technicians to inspect and clean the most crucial parts of your unit using industry-grade products. This ensures that the air conditioner is running as effectively as possible. When your air conditioner is clean and running efficiently, a lesser amount of energy is used to cool or warm your space. 

If you compare utility statements from the month before cleaning and the month after an air conditioner maintenance service, the difference can be substantial! A clean air conditioner unit will be able to better stabilize the temperature in the room. No blockages in the filter allow for the proper airflow to quickly balance and then maintain your set temperature. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The air conditioner in your home maintains and improves air quality. A well-maintained air conditioner will reduce the chance of poor air quality circulating throughout the house. This is an especially important detail for individuals with allergies or sensitive sinuses. When unchecked, spores and allergens can overflow into the duct system in your home, requiring extensive cleaning. Scheduling routine air conditioner maintenance ensures you are breathing clean air that will help you as you move throughout your day.  

Extends the Lifetime of the Air Conditioner

An air conditioner that has been maintained in timely increments will bring benefits from being a long-lived asset. During its life cycle, air conditioners may endure blistering summers and harsh winters, decreasing the effectiveness of the unit. Homeowners in Denver, Colorado, see a shift in temperature of nearly 20 degrees per day. The air conditioner in Denver, Colorado, the home has its work cut out for it without factoring in the scorching summer heat. Regular maintenance will guarantee your air conditioner unit is running at peak performance year-round and for many years to come.

When to Call the Professionals for Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance 

During your yearly maintenance visit, an HVAC professional will conduct the necessary inspections and repairs and check various unit components, including the gas pressure, the motor, and blades of the blower, the condensation drain, and remove particle buildup. Depending on the age, condition, and frequency of use of your air conditioner unit, it may be appropriate to have up to two scheduled preventative air conditioner maintenance checks. This may seem excessive in a state where the summers are cooler than summers in other states. The humidity is near nonexistent in Denver, Colorado. However, experts recommend scheduling your air conditioner maintenance at the change of seasons, in the spring and in the fall.  

If you are unsure about how effective routine air conditioner maintenance is, consider the amount of time and money that can be saved. Having minor repairs performed throughout the lifetime of your air conditioner rather than allowing any issues to compound into extensive repairs is better for both you and your air conditioning unit. Both repair costs and energy bill costs will be significantly reduced by proactively tending to your air conditioner unit.

How the Colorado Climate Affects Your Air Conditioner

According to the Denver Post, roughly 40% of the Denver metro’s residents have central air conditioning. In lower-income areas, this number falls to about 20% of residences with central air conditioning. In the city of Denver, the number of homes that lack central air conditioning is estimated at about 30%. As climate change becomes more impactful on our daily lives, it is essential to understand how an air conditioner unit and following a routine maintenance schedule can keep your home cool throughout the summer months.

In the past years, Colorado’s cooler summer climate and lack of humidity made air conditioning units more of a luxury rather than an absolute necessity, like in states such as Arizona, California, or Florida. Traditionally, during the summer months, a family would simply need to open a window to allow cool air to circulate throughout the home. However, new records are being set each year with naturally occurring disasters such as wildfires and heat waves. This puts significant pressure on homes without air conditioning units because the record-setting heat outside may neutralize any cool air found outside. Smoke from wildfires may make outdoor air temporarily dangerous to inhale while simultaneously forcing homeowners to keep their windows shut completely. In the event that any subpar quality air finds itself in the home, a central air conditioning unit may be the only mechanism to purify and improve the quality of indoor air. Those living without an air conditioner unit are forced to breathe potentially toxic air without proper filtering, ventilation, and circulation.  

For homeowners with central air conditioning units, preventative air conditioner maintenance has become more of a priority than in years past. Increased chances for heat waves, wildfires, and other unintended effects of those naturally recurring disasters also bring an increased opportunity for the air conditioner to malfunction thanks to these unusual weather patterns. Experts recommend that you schedule a professional HVAC specialist to come to your home in the late spring or early summer to assure that your air conditioner has the proper maintenance needed to weather the summer season. HVAC maintenance is also recommended to be scheduled in the fall season to ensure your unit is ready for the cold weather around the corner.   

Professional Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance in Denver, CO

Quality Home HVAC is a premier heating, cooling, and air conditioner specialist and service provider, servicing Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding Denver Metro area. From Golden to Aurora and Thornton to Castle Rock, Quality Home HVAC. provides both residential and commercial customers with new system installation, system repairs, maintenance, and the full scope of installation and repair for hot water heater systems. With the best technicians and over a decade of expertise, we are able to ensure quality workmanship and guarantee things are done right the first time. Call now for a free estimate for your heating, cooling, and air conditioner needs today!

Our team of highly trained HVAC technicians is knowledgeable about all of the major HVAC brands. During your free home inspection, we are happy to talk to you about the needs of your home and your budget for repairs or a new air conditioner installation. Together we can create the best plan of action to keep you, your home, and your family cool and relaxed during this Denver, Colorado, summer heat. 

In some cases, the homeowner can perform routine heating, ventilation, and air conditioner maintenance. Tasks such as changing a filter or cleaning a vent are great ways to help maintain your air conditioner between visits from your local, professional HVAC technician. However, checking in on your air conditioner does not replace a professional inspection and cleaning of your unit. Having your air conditioner checked and cleaned by a trained professional, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technician is the best care for your unit.  

Your home is more than a structure. It is a safe space, a space where you live, grow, create, and feel. From another standpoint, your home is the most significant investment you could ever make. In order to get the best from the time spent in your home, you must also give it the best care. Including preventative air conditioner maintenance in your home care list will bring benefits that impact your household for years to come. Quality Home HVAC. is your trusted HVAC professional for all of your home unit maintenance needs. 

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