Most Common Questions About Heater Repairs in Denver


As cooler temperatures set in, we turn on the furnace, even briefly, for the first time in months. However, ensuring your heating system is in good operating order first is crucial. After all, if something goes wrong, you would not choose to be left in the cold of a Denver winter. 

Quality Home HVAC is the premier local HVAC company specializing in heater repairs in Denver. If your furnace is on the fritz, contact Quality Home HVAC. With 90+ years of combined experience, our team is experienced and equipped to respond quickly to any of your air conditioner or heater repairs in Denver, Colorado. 

With winter in the air, let’s dive in to some of the most popular questions about heater repairs in Denver.

What are the Indicators My Furnace Needs Maintenance? 

Depending on the problem, there are a variety of indications that your furnace needs attention from a professional HVAC technician. Some common signs of needing heater repairs in Denver include insufficient airflow, uneven warmth, loud noises, and rising energy costs. It is essential to call a qualified heating repair specialist to diagnose the issue and offer a remedy if you notice any of these symptoms. Homeowners across the Denver metro area trust Quality Home HVAC heater repairs in Denver. 

How Frequently Should My Furnace be Serviced?


How often you should schedule furnace maintenance in Denver depends on several variables, including the brand and type of your furnace, how frequently you use it, and the caliber of your fuel. Most furnaces require regular maintenance to guarantee optimal performance. Experts recommend servicing a furnace at least once every year. Many homeowners in Denver begin to schedule furnace maintenance during the late summer or early fall, to be ready for the Colorado cold.  

It is essential to speak to a qualified HVAC specialist to clarify when your furnace was last serviced or if it is giving you any trouble. A professional HVAC technician can inspect and make any necessary corrections or adjustments to ensure that your furnace is operating safely and effectively. There is a reason Quality Home HVAC has over 250 five-star reviews; find out why with your next furnace maintenance appointment. 

How Much will my Heater Repairs Denver Cost? 

It is reasonable to state that fixing a furnace might be rather pricey. Depending on the type of repair required, the typical cost of heater repairs in Denver might be anywhere from $200 and $500. Of course, the price will be significantly greater if your furnace is beyond repair and needs to be replaced totally — often between $2,000 and $3,000. If you are planning for heater repairs in Denver, prepare to pay anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. 

Quality Home HVAC offers financing so you and your family can comfortably enjoy this next year with a new furnace or air conditioner without affecting your financial plans. 

Can I Repair My Heater Myself? 

Call a licensed HVAC professional for heating repair if your furnace is showing signs of not working correctly. An experienced HVAC technician, like those at Quality Home HVAC, will be able to identify the issue and carry out the required heater repairs in Denver. Avoid attempting to repair your furnace yourself because you risk voiding your warranty, furthering the damage, or sustaining injuries. Quality Home HVAC offers great rates and swift service for heater repairs in Denver. 

What are the Typical Reasons for Heater Repairs in Denver? 

Furnace issues can have a variety of potential causes. With a professional examination, you can identify the precise problem. Here are some of the most common heater repairs in Denver. 

  • Dirty air filters impede airflow and lead to an overheated furnace. To keep them clean, change your air filters every 1-3 months. 
  • A malfunctioning thermostat might prevent your furnace from adequately heating up. Verify the batteries are not dead and that your thermostat is programmed correctly.
  • A filthy burner or a problem with the gas line might be to blame for your furnace’s inability to ignite. 
  • A buildup of carbon monoxide can occur if your furnace is not venting correctly. Ensure your vents are checked by a professional. 

Always call a professional for a furnace inspection or heater repairs in Denver if your furnace is not working correctly. Quality Home HVAC technicians can identify the issue and suggest the best line of action.

What are the Unusual Noises Coming from My Furnace? 

Has your furnace recently started making odd noises? If this is the case, ask what is going on and whether you should contact a Quality Home HVAC specialist for an inspection. Here are some noises that indicate you need heater repairs in Denver and where they might come from. 

Vibrational Noises 

Typically, “turbulent combustion” is the root cause of this. This only indicates there may be an excessive amount of airflow present during burning. This results in the burning gas making a whistling sound. 

You must adjust the air intake damper until the whistling stops if you hear it coming from your furnace. Call Quality Homes HVAC to have a professional assist you with the needed heater repairs in Denver.

Clanking Sounds 

Metal expansion is the main culprit behind clanking noises. Metal parts of your furnace expand and compress as it warms up. They may occasionally bang against one another as a result, making a clanking sound. Usually, there is nothing to worry about if you hear rattling or clanking noises from your furnace; it will cease once the metal has cooled down. To be sure, consult a specialist if the noise is loud, continuous, or worsening. 

Why isn’t my Furnace Blowing Hot Air like it Used to? 

Your furnace’s blower motor may be the malfunctioning piece if hot air is not blowing as it used to. The blower motor circulates the air, and the air will not move when it malfunctions. Reach out to a professional HVAC repair company in Denver, like, Quality Home HVAC, if your furnace is not generating hot air. Our knowledgeable HVAC technicians can perform any heater repairs in Denver. 

The Thermostat and Furnace Seem to be Working, but No Hot Air is Coming from the Vents. Why? 

There are three likely reasons no hot air is being dispersed when the thermostat and furnace show signs of working smoothly. First, there could be debris or a bird’s nest obstructing the airflow through your ducts. An unclean filter could also be a simple fix, allowing the air to flow when cleaned or replaced. Finally, you may need a new furnace fan. To determine the cause of your poor hot air flow, contact Quality Home HVAC. We are experts in heater repairs in Denver. 

My Furnace is On, but Nothing is Happening. Why? 

There are a few potential reasons your furnace is not turning on or generating heat. First, confirm that the “heat” option on your furnace is selected. Most furnaces will not operate if set to “off” or “fan only.” After that, make sure your heater is getting power. Verify that the furnace is switched on and that no circuit breakers have tripped. 

If everything there appears to be in order, the igniter could be the issue. Since the igniter lights the gas in the furnace, the furnace does not operate if it is not functioning. Finally, inspect the exhaust pipe for obstructions. A furnace will not run if there is a blockage since it cannot vent correctly. 

Call a professional if you have examined these possibilities, yet your furnace is not turning on. A skilled expert can identify the issue and get your furnace working correctly in no time. Count on Quality Home HVAC for your heater repairs in Denver and to get your furnace up and running. 

Why Does My Pilot Light Continue to Go Out? 

Did you know the pilot light can go out if it is too low? A half-inch to three-quarters-of-an-inch high flame is ideal. Check the height of your pilot light and adjust it if accessible. A filthy or clogged burner is another potential obstruction to the pilot light’s gas supply. The pilot light may also go out more frequently if the room is very chilly. If your furnace is in a cold space, try raising the temperature to see if it aids in maintaining the pilot light.

Quality Home HVAC Heater Repairs Denver

Be sure to get your furnace fixed if you’re having problems! Be proactive and get assistance from a specialist as soon as you discover any issues. By doing this, you can keep your family warm all winter long and save money on expensive heater repairs in Denver. 

Quality Home HVAC technicians are knowledgeable in our craft, with over 90 years of combined experience in commercial and residential HVAC repairs and installations. We promise to treat your home as our own, professionally and respectfully. Our aim is always to find the root cause of your heater repairs in Denver, allowing you and your family to enjoy a warm winter. 

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