5 Common Home Heating Challenges


Some houses, particularly large or old ones, often seem to have problems with heating during the cold months. These homes are drafty and can be expensive to maintain and heat, and they can prove quite challenging to keep up with. Here are just a few common home heating challenges to account for:


The first problem with home heating a large house is the cost. The cost will depend on where you live and the price of energy in your area. The fact is that old homes are often needy homes, and needy homes cost more in upkeep than modern ones. 

Old Windows

Most people think their old windows are to blame for the drafts in their home. Window companies have spent plenty of money convincing people they need to upgrade. But, in fact, there are plenty of other reasons your house could be cold. If your windows are really a problem, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace them. You may be able to seal them as a simple problem-solve.


Old houses are full of holes, gaps, and crevices that cold air can slip through. These aren’t gaps that are easy to see, but they’re there and can make your house feel cold. That’s why old houses are drafty and can cause inefficiency in your home heating system. The construction is old and has had time to deteriorate. Cold air can come in through the attic, holes in the walls, the exterior walls, and the windows. If you have an untreated fireplace with a chimney, it may be contributing to drafts, too. 

Lack of Proper Insulation

Another common issue is insulation. Older homes often have old, low quality insulation, or it might even be non-existent. 

Old Heating System

Additionally, your home may be heat-challenged because of the home heating system itself. Old homes were designed with old heating systems, and they may never have been updated to modern standards. These homes are often heated with boilers and radiators that haven’t been serviced correctly or that use a lot of energy, making heating an old house difficult to do efficiently. 

We implore you to consider all of these issues if you’re thinking of moving into a large or old house. If you’re not sure how to deal with any of these issues, we will have another blog post in March that details everything you need to know. If you need immediate assistance, contact Quality Home HVAC today!

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