Do You Know About Ductless Mini-Split Systems?


What is a Ductless Mini Split?

Most people nowadays expect their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to run as efficiently as possible because it saves them money on their electricity bills and is better for the environment. If you’re planning on building a new house or replacing your current HVAC system, you may want to consider a mini-split system. Mini-splits are essentially miniature versions of central air conditioners. Instead of using an evaporator coil to cool a large volume of space, mini splits use a series of smaller coils to cool individual rooms. This allows for greater efficiency and less noise. These systems have been popular in European countries but are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, particularly in energy-conscious states like Colorado.

Mini split air conditioning units are not ideal for everyone. However, mini-split systems might be the best option if you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling solution. Mini-splits are very energy efficient, making them perfect for homes with large families on a budget. Need HVAC services? Quality Home HVAC is a Family Owned and Operated Denver HVAC company specializing in residential and commercial heating and cooling service work. We can help determine if ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems are right for you!

How do Mini Split Systems Function?

Traditional heating and cooling systems use ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. These units are called “split” because they have two separate components, the outdoor unit, and the indoor unit. Mini-splits don’t use ductwork, instead relying on a heat exchanger to transfer heat energy from the outdoor unit to the inside unit.

Mini-splits are small systems often used in smaller homes and apartments. Mini-splits are usually installed in a single unit, meaning there is just one indoor and one outdoor unit. However, you can install a second indoor unit if you need to add another room. This is called a multi-zone mini split.

The mini split is an indoor air conditioning system with a heater and an air conditioner!

Go Green

Mini-splits are great if you want to save money on your heating and cooling bills. They are very efficient because they don’t need any ducts or vents. Instead, they use inverters to turn electricity directly into mechanical energy. These inverters also allow them to run continuously, making them more reliable than other types of HVAC equipment. Mini-splits can also be less expensive to install than larger central a/c units.

Mini split systems allow homeowners to manage multiple rooms at once. These systems help reduce wasted energy while maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout the house. They are great because they can be installed in any space in your home. You can even install them in an attic if you need extra space.

Versatile By Nature

A mini-split system will run at lower speeds than a standard unit but still provides effective cooling and heating. Mini-splits don’t require ductwork, which is perfect for homes that don’t already have ducts installed. Mini-splits save energy compared to standard central AC units because they don’t have moving parts.

You need to drill a hole about 3″ in diameter to run a conduit connecting the indoor and outdoor units. The conduit contains all the power, communication lines, and copper tubing that automatically drains condensation. You don’t need to break through walls to add runs to your ductwork.

Ductless systems offer many benefits over ducted HVAC systems. Ducted systems require periodic cleaning and sealing of the ductwork. Ductless systems eliminate the need for ductwork, making them easier to maintain and repair.

Easy Installation Process

Mini split systems are relatively easy to install. This means that many people may consider installing them themselves. However, because it is not a DIY project, it may require the help of a professional installer. If you’re interested in installing a mini-split a/c unit, call the pros here at Quality Home HVAC; we have you covered!

Tired of Noisy A/C Units?

Mitsubishi electric mini splits have some of the lowest noise levels on the market. Their indoor units operate at 19 dB (A), while their outdoor units operate at 58 dB (A). These numbers are lower than other brands, making them ideal for quiet spaces like bedrooms or offices.

Solar Compatible

Solar panels aren’t always receiving the necessary sunlight to stay fully charged. Mini split air conditioners have some of the best efficiency ratings on the market because they use a variable speed compressor. This gives mini-splits some of the lowest running amp draw requirements. These two factors combine to give them a perfect match for any home using solar panels. 

Plenty of Designs to Choose From

Mini split systems come in many different styles and sizes. You can choose from wall mount, ceiling mount, or floor mount. The type you select will depend on your space needs and design preferences. A mini-split system is usually installed in a central location within a room. Some models allow you to install them in multiple locations throughout your house.

The latest technology is a ductless system. A ductless system is an excellent solution for those who want to add a room or area to their home or office. Ductless air conditioning systems allow you to install a unit in a place that is not easily accessible. You can add multiple units to create zones within your home or office. If you already have an existing HVAC system, you can upgrade it or add a multi-split system.

Maximize the Versatility of Your Ductless Mini-Split System

Ductless systems are great for adding extra living spaces like a garage apartment, bonus room, sunroom, or man cave. If you’re planning on smoking cigars in your man cave, ductless will help keep the smell out of your bedroom. Ductless also helps prevent air from stealing from other parts of the house.

Downsizers also reduce energy bills by reducing the size of the heating and cooling systems. Many older houses were built before central air conditioning became standard, and many still lack adequate insulation. Downsizing also increases the space available to store furniture and other belongings.

Ductless systems offer many benefits. You can create separate temperature zones in different rooms. A ductless system will also allow you to heat or cool a single room without affecting other areas. And if you have a large kitchen with a huge stove and a southwest view, a ductless system can help keep you cool without installing new ductwork.

Ready to have a Ductless Mini-Split System installed in your home today? Call Quality Home HVAC, your Denver heating and cooling professionals with 90 years of combined experience! Our technicians will be happy to help guide you through the process. Reach us at (970) 447-4151.

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