How To Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency


Over a year ago, we wrote about the benefits of having an energy-efficient air conditioner during the summer. But how do you get to that point? In this blog, we’re going to tell you specific methods on how to improve air conditioner efficiency in the coming months. Comfortable living at home comes down to having a functioning AC unit, but you can be comfortable while saving energy and money! Here’s how:

Leave Your AC On 

You probably think it’s better to turn the AC off when you leave the house, but that will only end up costing you. It’ll take more energy and power for your AC unit to cool down a home that reached 80-90 degrees than maintaining a cool temperature. This is great news, as you don’t ever have to worry about coming home to a hot and humid living room! You should set your thermostat to around 75 degrees when you leave for hours at a time — that way you can save some energy and not overwork your unit to cool your home back down.

Keep Doors and Windows Shut

Another tip on how to improve air conditioner efficiency is to close all the doors and windows in the room. Not only does this improve air circulation, but it also puts less stress on your unit as it only has to focus on cooling down one room instead of the entire home. Leaving your doors and/or windows open will just suck all of the cool air out of the room. If you want to keep those other rooms cool as well, using a fan or opening a window while keeping the door closed should do the trick. Cooling down an entire home can cause a lot of stress to your unit!

Consult An Expert 

If you’re looking to get a new unit entirely, you should reach out to an HVAC expert. They will have the best knowledge of the newest, most efficient air conditioners that will end up saving you energy and money in the long run. If you’re not in the market for a new unit, you can still ask a professional for further tips on how to improve air conditioner efficiency. Seasoned pros will have information they’d be happy to share, so sometimes all you have to do is just ask. No matter what your HVAC questions may be, you can always consult the team at Quality Home HVAC. Give us a call today!

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