3 Tips to Prepare Your Heating System For the Fall


We’re riding on the tail end of summer, which means it’s time to start preparing for the fall season. The temperature will start to drop sooner rather than later, so before you regret having to hire someone for emergency heating services, you should make sure your heating system is in working order for the season. Not sure what to do? Here are a few tips:

Clean Your Air Vents

This is the easiest precautionary measure you can take for your heating system. Your air vents can easily attract dust and other blockages that obstruct airflow in your home, so if you feel a bit chilly in the coming months, dusty air vents could be the culprit. What can you do about this? Simply wiping and vacuuming the dust on your vents should bring you immediate results. Doing so will clear the way for warm, fresh air to flow throughout your home. We also recommend cleaning dust from the rest of your home to prevent any future blockages. A dust-free home is a comfortable home!

Look At Your Pilot Light

This tip only applies to gas heating systems. However, you should still read this in case you have one in the future — it could save your life! The pilot light is a flame inside your heater that ignites gas to power up appliances in your home. It is a small but very important piece that keeps your house nice and cozy with warm air, so ensuring it’s working properly is key. Most modern heaters should have an indicator that tells you if the pilot light and heater are working efficiently (indicators vary between heater models), so you can easily see for yourself if everything is behaving as it should. If you notice the pilot light is not working correctly or is completely off, contact a specialist immediately. If your pilot light goes out, unburnt gas will build up in the heater and expand until your unit explodes. That’s why you should regularly check your pilot lights; you never know when something can go wrong.

Hire a Specialist for Regular Maintenance

The best way to prevent spending a fortune on emergency repairs is to have a specialist inspect your unit periodically. There are measures you can take to upkeep your heating system, but if you’re ever in doubt, a highly-trained technician can always help. You should get your unit inspected at least once every year, and some older units should be looked at a bit more frequently. The last thing you want is for something to go wrong, so if you think you need a specialist to look at your unit, you should definitely hire one. Thankfully, the experts at Quality Home HVAC can handle all of your heating-related problems! Get in touch with our team today by reaching us at (970) 447-4151!

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