How To Maintain An Energy-Efficient Heater


The temperature is finally starting to drop, which means you’re going to spend more time inside your warm, insulated home. While you’re settling into your humble abode, you also likely can’t stop thinking about the heating bill. Whether you want to cut costs or be environmentally-conscientious, there are steps you can take to reduce your energy output! Here are a few tips to make your heater more energy-efficient:

Only Use Your Heater When You Need It

There’s a common misconception that leaving your heater on all day is the best way to conserve energy. In fact, the opposite is true. If you leave your heater running all day, you’re burning up valuable energy and money in your pocket. The best money and energy saving tactic is to turn your heater on only when you’re in your home. You may think that warming your house up to room temperature isn’t very efficient, but at least you’re not wasting energy throughout the whole day. If you don’t want a freezing home, you can lower the thermostat a smidge while you’re out and still save money and energy. Smart energy usage is the first step towards preserving an energy-efficient heater and home!

Keep Your Heater At Room Temperature

This likely goes without saying, but keeping your thermostat set to room temperature is the best way to avoid overspending and overexerting your system. The universally accepted room temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, so you should set your unit to this temperature for optimal heater performance. If 72 degrees won’t cut it, and you’re really trying to keep an energy-efficient heater, we recommend bundling up! Wearing an extra layer and socks is a perfect way to keep yourself warm if 72 degrees won’t cut it. Obviously we don’t want you to freeze in your home, but you can save energy and money by keeping it set to 72 degrees!

Consider Changing Units

If you’d like a more drastic approach to decreasing energy output, you could try changing your unit type. There is a plethora of unit types, and each excels in a particular area. Finding an energy-efficient heater for your home can prove challenging, which is why we suggest asking an expert your questions. Generally speaking, geothermal heating systems are the most energy-efficient heaters. This system collects heat from soil around your home or a local water source into a series of underground pipes, which is then released into your home. If you’d like to know if geothermal heating is perfect for you, please give us a call at (970) 447-4151!

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